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The work session on the preliminary draft of the Local Coastal Plan Update with Sonoma County PRMD staff had standing room only on Monday, September 14, 2015 at the Timber Cove Fire Department.

Representatives from Coastal Hills Rural Preservation and many other county environmental and action groups attended, and the discussion was lively. We will continue to analyze this draft LCP document that will affect our coast for years, perhaps generations, to come. 

As described by PRMD staff, public comments on this preliminary draft of the plan will be accepted through September 30, 2015. The next step would then be a public draft of the plan, hopefully incorporating some public comments, that will be presented at a public hearing to the Planning Commission, which will trigger another public comment period. If passed by the Planning Commission the LCP Update will go before the Board of Supervisors, with a public hearing and a final public comment period.

It is important at this early stage to work collaboratively with PRMD staff to maximize public influence over this very important document. To facilitate that, we have created a blog site, the Local Coastal Plan Forum on this website to receive your informal comments. Please send essays and documents, in the form of a pdf if possible, to the address below. They will be posted as links to this home page. Send to:


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Opinions and News Articles about the Preliminary Draft of the Local Coastal Plan Update
(comments in alphabetical order)

Gretchen Butler, 9-27-2015

Hannah Clayborn, 9-30-15

Rue Furch, 9-30-2015

Drucilla Hamilton, 9-30-2015

Bruce Johnson, 9-21-2015

Tim McKusick, 9-30-2015

Carolyne Singer, 9-29-2015

Ken Sund, 10-2-2015

Sonoma County Conservation Action (Dennis Rosatti, Executive Director); 9-30-2015

SWIG, Sebastopol Water Information Group, (Jane E. Nielson Ph.D., PG Geologist) 

Reuben Weinzveg

Susan Zerwick, 9-30-2015


In the News:

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"'Big Wine' influences on Coastal Plan ignites activists", by Tony Landucci, in Sonoma West, 9-30-2015

"Planning effort for Sonoma County draws scrutiny;" by Mary Callahan, in Press Democrat 9-13-2015

"Coast at Crossroads," letter to the editor, in Press Democrat, 9-17-2015

"Angry opposition to winery 'event centers' on the coast" by Chris McManus, Coast Observer, 9-18-2015

Local Coastal Plan Public Comment from Fred Allebach, 9-14-2015, at www.winewaterwatch.org

Comment by Ken Sund, Jenner, Wine and Water Watch (scroll down page)