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History of LCP Update Doesn't Explain Ag Element

We found an early notice and description of the LCP Update and its history (see link), but this reasoning (repeated in responses to people who write letters to PRMD) does not explain the many changes in the agricultural element starting on page 15.


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Send Your Specific Comments

We agree with Susan that we should all read the documents. See the link at the bottom of the Local Coastal Plan Homepage. Another member sent us a message also stressing the importance of forming independent opinions.

These are planning documents, not easy to understand and best understood by planners, so we ask our supporters to please share with us any specific analysis or comments on any LCP issues. For longer documents mail to: sonomachrp@gmail.com.

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Read the DRAFT LCP: Many issues to consider....

Without local coastal residents agitating there wouldn't have been a Sept. 14 meeting in Timber Cove, nor an extra month for comment - because we were not  considered important enough to warrant a meeting.

While it was great to have such a great turn out on the 14th - there are more issues at stake then agricultural-tourism.

Read the whole draft, and make comments on the many other items that are already impacting resident and visitors lives - such as noise abatement.

When you submit your comments, let PRMD know that you expect them to keep the Timber Cove informed and continue to include our area in all future public meetings.

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Need to Move Quickly

We need to move fast to meet the Sept 30th deadline.

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Local Plan vs General Plan

The Sonoma County PRMD staff edits indicate that the County would like to make the Local Coastal Plan "generic"  and similar to the General Plan.  How do we inform the County staff that the  Coast is different than the other parts of the County?

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Add Your Thoughts

This is a forum about the new LCP being drafted at Sonoma County PRMD. All views are welcome. Coastal Hills Rural Preservation has not taken a position yet on any details of the plan, and we value your comments. Please be civil, reasoning, and respectful of others when expressing yourself.

Please send longer essays and documents (preferred form: pdf) to sonomachrp@gmail.com, and they will be posted as links to the Local Coastal Plan Homepage. Please copy us on all correspondence you send to PRMD and our Board of Supervisors.

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