Still in a holding pattern...

Many of you may be wondering what CHRP is doing now after the close straw vote on April 8, 2014 at the Board of Supervisors' hearing. There has been much activity behind the scenes, but no decisions have been made publicly. Certain important letters will be circulated soon and we will notify our supporters of our next steps. Most importantly, we are getting a little help from our friends!

Meanwhile we still believe that we (and you) can make a difference in the final, official Board of Supervisors' vote, which has now been postponed until June 24, 2014.  Don't hesitate to make your opinion known to the supervisors who tentatively voted against our appeal, Efren Carrillo, Mike McGuire, and David Rabbitt. And don't forget to thank those who voted with us, Shirley Zane and Susan Gorin.

Please see ACT NOW to find out more.

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