Legal Challenge to Industrial Printing in the Coastal Hills

All that you see in this aerial view taken in the coastal hills of western Sonoma County was built without a General Plan Amendment and the required Environmental Impact Report. This industrial land use is unrelated to our local agriculture or natural resources and defies our General Plan.  A major expansion of this printing factory, Dharma Press, was recently narrowly approved by the Board of Supervisors with a special exception for a charismatic religious use.

Under the cover of a religious retreat, Dharma Press has moved its entire printing factory from an industrial section of Berkeley to the coastal forest and is now producing over 400,000 books annually there. Ratna Ling Retreat and Dharma Press pay no taxes, nor do they provide jobs to local residents, but they threaten our safety with highly combustible, dense-volume paper storage warehouses in a forested area, and burden our fragile, narrow roadways with 40-foot tractor trailers daily. Many of these books are sold commercially for profit.

This is an important land-use issue that will set a precedent for similarly zoned parcels in Sonoma County. Say yes to preserving our General Plan and rural coastal hills and no to unrelated and unregulated industry in our Resource and Rural Development areas. 

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Coastal Hills Rural Preservation and its legal counsel, Janis Grattan, have just achieved an important review by the California State Supreme Court.

California Supreme Court rules that Court of Appeal must re-examine CEQA ruling on Ratna Ling printing press operation. Coastal Hills Rural Preservation, Friends of Gualala River, and Forest Unlimited announce a California Supreme Court ruling overturning a recent decision by the Court of Appeal and clarifying when the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requires an EIR for a modified project.

Press Democrat Article 12/3/2016 Sonoma County Buddhist Center Case Sent Back to Appeals Court

Sonoma West Article 12/8/2016 Ratna Ling Retreat Center at Center of Rare Supreme Court Appeal

More information will follow soon. Please see our Legal Challenge page for more information.

Coastal Hills Rural Preservation is a group of Sonoma County citizens concerned with preserving the integrity of rural Sonoma County and its resources from inappropriate land use. Please consider donating to help us  protect these coastal hills from large-scale industrial incursions.

We invite our supporters to join us in this effort. For more information contact Ward Andersen;; 707.884.3949 or Bruce Johnson;; 707.847.3323.


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